Trauma Informed Individual Services

Self-report and research shows that people with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) experience abuse and victimization at staggeringly high rates (Baladerian, Coleman & Stream, 2013; Balogh et al., 2001; Newman, Christopher, & Berry, 2000; Sullivan & Knutson, 2000).  Identification of this abuse and victimization or other traumatic experiences and symptoms of traumatic stress in people with IDD frequently doesn’t happen.  Treatment of the traumatic stress then doesn’t occur.

Traumatic stress and its symptoms CAN be identified and treated in people with IDD.  SHADE Consulting and Counselling provides individual counselling for those who have experienced trauma.  We also work with individual’s support teams ensuring best practices in supporting an individual outside the counselling setting.

Dr. Margaret Newbury Jones completed her Doctor of Psychology degree with her doctoral project exploring best practices in treating folks with intellectual disability who have experienced trauma.  She has completed graduate certification in complex trauma and child sexual abuse intervention.

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