Trauma Informed Practice Consultation Services

Trauma informed practice is a term we see everywhere today.  It all sounds good, but what does it really mean?  It is easy to say we’re trauma informed, after all, don’t the words trauma informed just mean we know about trauma?  The “practice” part is our call to action.  Knowing is one thing, doing is another.  For an organization to be truly trauma informed, change needs to start at the top.

Dr. Karen Treisman tells us that “committing to and meaningfully sustaining trauma-informed and trauma-responsive practices is an evolving, multi-layered process – it is a journey and a transformation that needs continual attention, support, reflection, curiosity and development.” (2018)

SHADE Consulting and Counselling can work with your agency, school, organization on this journey.  Ready to start a conversation about how you can support those you serve from a trauma-informed perspective?  Connect with us and let’s talk about how to make it work!

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